Why this site?

Well, there are several reasons because I made this site. Obviously, the first one is, that i'll be turning 30 on the 28th of February. But this is more the occasion than the reason... Other reasons are

  1. I needed some kind of invitation for the party
  2. I like doing little projects, where I am my own client
  3. I wanted to learn Textpattern, and this site, is the first one I did with it (and the first one I ever did with any CMS)
  4. I like getting presents :)

But the real reason is the girl, you can see next to me on the photos on the right:


She gave me the idea, one or two weeks ago, on an evening, when I was not in top form and she was there to listen, and, as you can see, to give me the idea to do this little site.
She is a wonderful friend (for many reasons).
Thank you :)  

Camille and me